For end-users MagicSIM is a GSM service and international pre-paid SIM card, which allows to use the roaming service at low tariffs.

MagicSIM major advantage is a unique innovative ability to store multiple mobile numbers from different countries on one SIM-card and use the mobile services in these countries at the prices applied to the local subscribers.

  • multiple numbers from different countries on one and the same SIM card.
  • local tariff offer for a subscriber while travelling in one of the countries.
  • SMS and incoming calls from all numbers will be charged at the local tariffs of the hosting country.
  • ability to access FACEBOOK, GOOGLE TALK, VKONTAKTE via SMS over any type of handset.

For mobile operators MagicSIM is the cost effective MNE service.


  • Virtually 0 investments to Core infrastructure at the Start-UP period.
  • Wholesale rates on SCCP and IPX/GRX service.
  • Value added services to increase ARPU.

What we have

  • Cloud based core equipment with virtualization (HLR/HSS, SMSC, USSDC, STP, IN, GGSN, SGSN, CallBack server, IMS with SIP offload, Call-Center platform, OTA, VAS platforms)
  • Real-Time Engine for Prepaid services (Voice, SMS, Data)
  • STP with fraud prevention on SCCP level
  • GTP inspection platform
  • DATA optimization (GPRS, 3G) platform
  • Roaming IMSI subscription to expand coverage
  • Multi-IMSI Java Card Applet

What we do

  • System integration
  • Telecom consulting
  • In-house R&D for new business logic tasks
  • DATA clearing (TAP, NRTRDE) service
  • 24x7 support

For mobile operators MagicSIM is the best solution for optimize GPRS traffic, which significantly improves the speed of loading of resources in roaming.

MagicSIM project as an innovative solution was supported by the European Financing Fund and the Meratel won a State Financing Grant for the implementation of the project.

Magic SIM service offering best solution for GPRS optimization.

DATA optimization platform solving the following user experienced problems:

  • Failed web page loads.
  • Long pauses in web page loads.
  • “Frozen” network.
  • Failed downloads. These are especially annoying for larger transfers that must be restarted from the beginning.
  • Skipping and stuttering video playback.
  • Long and annoying pauses in downloads.
  • Delayed e-mails.
  • Highly variable perceived network performance.

It offers some extra option which can be extra charged:

  • Low data usage while internet surfing.
  • Preventing loading malware programs to laptop or smartphone.

Operator’s Benefits

  • Improving 2.5 and 3G mobile broadband by 20% would be otherwise impossible in a well designed and uncongested network.
  • The operator will also benefits from increased customer satisfaction leading to reduced churn.
  • Network’s costs will be reduced as many of the failed transfers will result in a full reload of the web page, thus wasting all the data transferred during the failed attempt.
  • Protecting customers from malware programs.

MeraTel OÜ project EU45713 "MagicSIM toode turundamine" (the period 01.06.2013 - 31.08.2015) supports the program of development staff of enterprises for the development in the international marketing program.

Project co-financed by the European Social Fund.