Retail Service

In 2006 Meratel created a daughter company Delvi Telecom for provision of telecommunications services to the end users (Retail services).

DELVI is providing services to international traffic termination services to carriers and cheap international calls from desk phone to the end user.

The staff of DELVI are represented a group of professionals for many years worked in telecommunications companies in Europe and Russia.

Every year DELVI strengthens its position in the telecommunications market in accordance with experience and values accumulated since 2001 by MERATEL, and this:

  • Use of advanced technologies in the field of telecommunications;
  • The dynamic development in accordance with the requirements of the time;
  • Provide high quality telecommunications services at competitive prices to the customer;
  • Aspiration to meet all customer needs in the provision of telephone services;
  • Ensuring high standards of quality in customer service.

That is what helping the company DELVI Telecom to remain modern, dynamic and successful!