Wholesale Premium Service

Wholesale Premium Service dedicated to carriers that have a need for high quality international voice service at highly competitive prices.

Meratel aggregates traffic from local termination operates all over the world. By interconnecting to us local operates can take advantage of the economies of scale of our global network and quickly improve margins and lower costs. Wholesale Premium Service is an end-to-end voice termination service that delivers the retail quality you need across the world, at competitive international termination.

Wholesale Premium Service offer the ideal solution for expanding your voice network coverage without the time and expenses involved in establishing and operating your own global network.

Key Features & Advantages:

  • Pricing stability
  • Ideal for customers looking for the highest degree of call completion
  • Direct access to the world’s leading carriers
  • Affordable and competitive rate plans
  • The guarantee of A-number passed
  • The guarantee of FAX sending / receiving